the web and its role in education

The internet and web is incredibly important for education everywhere and we can see it used in every classroom, from kindergarten to university. And everyone from teachers and students benefit from it.

[imagen: school, por Iris Geerardyn, licencia CC]

Using the web and internet for education facilitates everyday life in a classroom, to making resources easily accessible, lowering expenses in textbooks and fast communication between teachers and their students via email or messaging apps. Toddlers and young kids also use these tools with fun app games geared for motor skills and even math skills.

The impact of both in education has been a positive thing because of its easy accessibility and plethora of learning apps and web pages, it motivates individuals to go ahead and learn more of what they would in a classroom.

The web

The web is a a useful, amazing and beneficial tool for everyone. And of course I’m one of the millions of people that use it.

I like the easy connection with people it gives me, I use it everyday to stay informed about my interests and share with like minded people. The web is not always nice though I run into ugly people all the time, people who are negative and ignorant and hateful and that’s when I have to take a quick break before it gets to me.

My life without the web would be really really really boring, I can go a couple hours without it but a whole day???? I’ll perish.