this week our professor introduced us to feedly, which is a site that combines feeds from various sources for the user can organize and read them in a more comfortable manner. It really is a useful site for people who have a LOT of blogs that they keep up with on the daily.

i made an account on the site and i will now share some of my favorite blogs.

screenshot of my feedly interests tab

paris with me: a parisian and lifestyle blog.

tofugu: japanese blog with lots of information about the language and culture

culture trip: probably the biggest travel blog in the world, it even has its an IOS and andriod apps

new york times travel: i use it to keep informed with more general news about the world

my parisian life: another blog with everything having to do with paris

screenshot of my feedly profesion tab
screenshot of my feedly inf103 tab

film school rejects: movie and tv show reviews to discussions

lights film school: “become a better filmmaker” is this blogs motto

rolling stone – movie reviews: literally just movie reviews, from old movies to the ones everyone is talking about

movieweb news: movie……news….. cmon its literally in the name guys

no film school: provides helpful articles for learning filmmakers

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